"My business is not to remake myself, but to make the absolute best of what God has made.”

– Robert Browning

"Watson is reliable and professional, and has integrity.  They put on their boots and do the job in a very responsible matter.  I like them a lot.  They are very knowledgeable.  When I select a company to work with, I am not easy to please because I am accustomed to giving 120%. They do this.  We have a very fine working relationship."

- Jeff with Greenfield Energy, CA


"Thank you for all the hard work you put in on our house plans.  They were great, and the changes we asked for were always done in a timely manner.  We are very happy with Watson Engineering and will definitely come back as a customer.  Thank you!"

Dave Mitchell, Cedar City UT


"I like working with Watson.  They know me on a first name basis.  I like knowing that when I ask something to be done knowing they will do it well.  When I gave a verbal suggestion they listened and they incorporated it and made it work and it was cost effective."

Color Country


"I like working with WEC.  They are good to work with.  They make me aware of any issues or problems.  I like that.  They showed concern for jobs rather than just do their job and leave."

Rowdy with R&R Construction Las Vegas, NV


"WEC is very easy to work with.  If a concern comes up we can work through it.  They are personable, real people.  They have a willingness to work with you.  They are easy to work with.  If they don’t know an answer, they will figure it out.  I know they will work hard and get it to you on time.  They are honest and upfront."

–   Steve with McCarthy Building Las Vegas, NV


"Watson is honest and I like working with them.  They are always willing.  I like that they listen and have never once told us they don’t have time or that they aren’t interested.  We always get good work from WEC.  They provide a personal touch and are very personal.  This means a lot.  So many other companies are just all about the business.  They are willing to drive long distances to our projects as well if needed."

Tim with Hardy Construction Las Vegas, NV


"WEC was friendly, knowledgeable.  The job we hired them for was out of town, and was worried WEC would have a difficult time getting the complete scope of work from them.  That wasn’t an issue at all.  WEC was good about being there when they said they would be."

Art with R&O Construction Las Vegas, NV


"The guys at Watson are good guys.  I have been working with them for over 12 years.  They try to help out as much as they can.  They do a fantastic job."

Mike with Sletten Construction Las Vegas, NV

"They are really great to work with.  It is fun to work with them.  They are approachable.  If I need to talk with Tim about something, I can.  If something needs to be worked out, Tim will work on it until he figures it out."

Clayton with Frontier Builders, Cedar City, UT


"Watson has a broad knowledge and skill set.  It is nice dealing with one firm that has everything under one roof."

Chester with Jacobs Construction, Cedar City, UT


"They are fair and honest.  They try really hard and are knowledgeable and friendly and know business.  If they don’t know something, they figure it out.  Top notch.   I like that they have in-house surveying and in-house soils.  They take care of me, I call them and tell them what I need and they do it."

Richard with Fischer Trucking, Hurricane, UT


"Tim is upfront, honest, and gets things done.  Dave is straightforward, a good problem solver in the field.  He is good to work with.  Watson is easy to work with.  They have high integrity, and I always know the truth is being said.  I don’t have to worry about any games.  They understand what I expect and what points need to be covered."

- Henry with Pace Contracting Las Vegas, NV


"They communicate well.  They are eager to please which is nice.  If we have any problems, I can talk to Tim and work it out.  That is good."

Brian with Son Builders Cedar City, UT


"WEC has good survey data, and the ability to run density tests for concrete and road density is good. They are pleasant and positive."

Brent with Beaver City, Beaver, UT


"They are the best in Cedar.  They are a one stop shop.  I really like how when I am trying to be creative on certain spaces, Tim can think outside of the engineering box and inside the designer box.  Tim makes great suggestions and does things right the first time.  Once they have engineered something, they have never had to go back to have it fixed."

Brett with GT Builders


“We have dealt with a lot of inspectors of some sort or another, and I was so impressed with Tim’s personality and honesty.  Thanks again for your work and especially for getting it in a timely manner.  We appreciate it so much.”

Meagan Johnston

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